Amazon Sellers Sourcing From Unsafe Factories

Sourcing is a challenging task when you’re looking for suppliers overseas and you are not aware about the culture or the business practices overseas. Furthermore, U.S. business may establish relationships with unethical people because they need to import some products that are only available in other regions of the world.

WSJ report shows that arments made in Bangladeshi factories that major retailers have banned as unsafe are finding their way onto Amazon’s site for sale in the U.S. WSJ investigates Amazon’s apparel supply chains and the impact of its marketplace on garment factory workers.

Major retailers can afford to hire audit companies to control the business practices and production quality but many entrepreneurs that work as FBA or Amazon Sellers find difficult to bear the cost of verifying the practices of their sourcing industries. That’s why we in Eternispring we work to offer plans for all kinds of business in the U.S. so they can have peace of mind of knowing that their products are sourced with ethical producers in South America.

Particularly for food it’s important to be aware of the producers practices to protect the health of customers and the sustainability of the process. Furthermore, in a previous article we mentioned how bad production practices could lead to a decrement in the production of coffee. Talking about sourcing ethically and sustainably is a matter of taking care of customers and the environment for the future while producing the most unique products from around the world.

Below you can find the video about the report for your consideration.

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Lack of sustainability will make our coffee more expensive

We’d like to share with you an interesting video from the Youtube channel “Business Casual” about how the lack of sustainability could lead to a tremendous increase in the prices of coffee. Furthermore, this is not an isolated case because most of commodities have similar effects that can be devastating for producers. Particularly for the small ones.

How lack of sustainable practices could increase the price of coffee

Most of the producers always feel the pressure to reduce their prices because of the difficulty to differentiate their offerings and also the current market demand of their product. Additionally, they don’t have the expertise to forecast production or to understand market trends in advance to avoid losses. Furthermore, it results impossible to implement automation or improve their processes because of the thin margin profits they have.

On the other hand, it’s always difficult to reach final costumers and they have to use intermediaries which in conjunction with a long and difficult supply chain makes the things worse.

As consumers we tend to believe that purchasing a product branded as “fair trade” we’re supporting the small producers. Unfortunately, The issue is not only care about the “Fair Trade” products but to know the story behind a product and know that we’re doing the right thing. Given that Fair Trade practices merely certify a basic standard of requirements and doesn’t consider the sustainability of a business.

Fair trade only guarantees that a minimum set of requirements are met but it can’t guarantee the sustainability of the business.

That’s why it’s important for final consumers and customers to dig in about the comprehensive history of the products they’re consuming. That’s why in Eternispring we take care of telling the story of many producers and not only taking care of paying a fair price but empowering people to differentiate their offerings by supplying them with relevant market information by analyzing trends and using data to support decisions. Also, when they are starting we support them to access directly to consumers or responsible private label buyers.

We’ll be happy to hear from you if you have a brand that wants to include products that are produced following organic and sustainable practices. We can provide you with private label products (for use in Amazon under FBA or Shopify) according to your specifications but always taking care of small producers.

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Our sustainability story featured in FIU News

We’re proud FIU panthers and our founder Daniela had the honor to be interviewed by the University’s newspaper. She talked about our mission and how sustainability plays a major role in the production of roses and food. Not only in the United States but in the entire American continent.

Producers rely on wholesalers to get their product into various stores – often decreasing their profits in order to move their inventory. Over time decreased profits often result in producers having to close down

Eternispring has the mission to deliver quality products directly to consumers and paying fair price to producers. Thus, promoting sustainability and reducing income inequality between the producers and distributors and resellers.

We launched our products two years ago and we used mostly digital channels. So, we had the opportunity to interact directly with our final customers and we’ve had tremendous feedback. Now, we’re planning to escale and launch our products in bigger platforms like Amazon.

Nowadays our company is mostly selling preserved and fresh roses but we’re planning to expand our portfolio of products. Actually, we are having conversations with cacao, chocolate and artisan producers to deliver more alternatives to final consumers.

Finally, we hope for the next quarter to launch our new digital initiative that will support social media influencers and online sellers to source organic and sustainable produced products so they can brand and sell them directly to their community. Great things are coming for fair trade!

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