Fair Trade

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A really personal place we developed to promote fair trade products

Organically produced

Our roses comply with Rainforest Alliance certification. So, they're cultivated without compromising the Amazon or the nature.


Our mission is to support communities by paying fair wages and benefits.

Freedom Roses - Eternispring LLC
Pink Mondial Roses - Eternispring LLC
Polar Star Roses - Eternispring LLC
Latina - Eternispring LLC
More Value

More final value for our customers and more directly to our famers. We try to reduce as much as we can the use of intermediary warehouses and wholesalers.


Thanks to our environmentally friendly process to preserve the roses, the roses are cut only by customer request.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

"Our Story"

Our Founders

Nesly Salazar
Co-Founder CEO
Social Minded Entrepreneur, Dreamer and Doer. Expert in customer relationships and logistics Ex-LATAM airlines Sales Team MsC Logistic Engineering
Danilo Salazar
Co-Founder CTO
Social Minded Entrepreneur, Dreamer and Doer. YLAI Fellow 2016 MIT Bootcamper 2015 MsC Engineering Management

We're a startup based in Miami founded by FIU students that's supporting fair trade and sustainability process for small and medium sized producers in South America. We apply our knowledge about logistics and digital process to create unique products for our customers and value for our producers.

We promote the sustainability in the production and also in the sales process to support the economic development of the communities.

Our services are available for all companies inside the United States and Europe.