Packaging Development

You decide which type of packaging you need for your brand. We’ll help you to have your product ready on this three options of package.

Primary Packaging

Depending on the image that you want for your product, we help you to choose the right packaging that is going to contain, protect and/or preserve your finished product, particularly against contamination and manipulation.

Secondary Packaging

This kind of packaging is usually used outside the primary packaging giving additional protection to help maintain the integrity of the primary packaging.

Tertiary Packaging

Also called bulk packaging. This type makes easier to transport large and/or heavy loads safely and securely. Also, help to prevent damage, because of the handling, storage and transport of the product.

Product Sourcing

If you already have a product but you want to choose a better option for your brand. We’ll find the right producer with all your requirements just for you. Also, we can help you developing new products presentations maybe you want to create a special formula that you have in mind, you only need the raw material of a product or you want pulverized presentation. We'll make a reality all your requirements.

Onsite Inspection

We’ll check and verify all safety standards, working conditions, manufacturing facilities, and other critical areas of work site. Thus, you'll be sure that your product has the best manufacturing conditions.

Quality Control

The most important part of launching a new product is the high quality needed, products free from defects and meeting all your needs.

  • Our Quality Assurance, help you to cover all areas of production, inspection, materials assembly and every step that your product need complete before it's a finished product.
  • As our main goal is the success of your product we offer a Statistical Control, this process involves randomly sampling and testing a portion of the output, getting only high quality products.

In this process, You'll always stay updated with a wide analysis, full reports of the outcomes and all the relevant information of your product quality standards.


Packing and Delivering

Preparing all the necessary legal papers to get your finished product in your warehouse or the place that your need, that's part of our job. We’ll plan the best route to deliver your order just in time, according to your best option of delivering. The most common are EXW, FOB , CIF, DDP or the one that is more convenient for you.

Inventory Management Amazon FBA

Taking care of the minimum detail of your product, how much do you need and when you need replenish is part of our job. We manage all your inventory on amazon and send you daily reports with all the relevant information, thus you always know how everything is going.

Inventory Third Party Shopify- Woo Commerce

We’ll help you to manage your inventory on all your ecommerce platforms with reports that picture how everything is going.

Improvement process

We love helping your business Web Development Improvement and Brand Identity development.

Interface Design

Focused on cross platform design to ensure a seamless customer experience

Web Analysis

Get all the relevant data you need to improve your presence on internet and focus only in the market that you want.

Online Market Advertising

Focus only in your potential customers and don't waste money on fancy campaigns with no results.


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